Sorry ladies, J Cole is off the market… officially now. Last year, news surfaced that J Cole had been reportedly engaged to his longtime girlfriend, but now it turns out they actually took that leap of faith together.

During his interview at Monday’s special #MLKNow event in NYC, Creed director, Ryan Coogler accidentally let it slip that Cole was officially married. He asked Jermaine, “How did getting married change you?” Cole was visibly caught off guard. “Oh, what is that?!” he said before awkwardly laughing it off. “That was like one thing to not do” Cole later jokingly added, before confirming the marriage (see clip below).

The news itself may not come as a shock to some people, but the fact he was able to keep it so lowkey and quiet for this long is pretty amazing in today’s age.

If you happened to miss the live stream earlier, you can watch the entire event below, or just fast forward to the 3:36:00 minute mark to see the full J. Cole interview.