He might have toughed out a three-year prison sentence and emerged with a newfound lease on life, but there's no way Gucci Mane was ready for what awaited him on the other side -- a meme-obsessed internet culture. Given the seemingly night-and-day-esque disparity between "old" Gucci and "new" Gucci, many fans reasoned that there was only one logical conclusion to his transformation: by Jove, he was cloned. 

Gucci Mane Clone

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

The joke quickly escalated to a soft rumor, with some of the more conspiratorial-minded types lining their walls with evidence like an obsessed detective seeking justice over a slain family member. It began to take on a life of its own, though Gucci himself never seemed particularly bothered by it. If anything, it only served to validate many of the positive life choices he made since his release in May of 2016. Settling down for marriage, securing bag after bag, and landing a New York Times bestselling book among them.

Today, Guwop decided to poke fun at the longstanding rumor, juxtaposing both "versions" of himself for emphasis. "Haters Gone Say U Was Cloned!" he captions, as fans fill his comment section with references to 2006 Gucci. Amusing though the idea of a Gucci Mane clone may be, what about the darker ramifications of such a dystopian take on reality? Next thing you know, we'll be left contending with something far more dangerous: 3D-printed Gucci.