Just when you thought you'd heard as many bomb drops as your brain could possibly process, Funkmaster Flex is back with another rant, and he's not done with Jay Z. As we saw earlier today, Hov allegedly texted Flex, with the DJ pulling a reverse Macklemore and Instagramming the message.

Apparently Flex was none to impressed with the fact that Jay capitalized his name when he reached out, addressing this in the rant multiple times with quotables such as "you should've lower-cased it, bruh" and "don't talk to me with capital letters".

The DJ then goes on to call Hov a "a corporate commercial rapper that drops a little catch phrase every three months", and adds that the rapper should give J. Cole his props publically. "Why don't you at some point congratulate [him] on that 300,000 he shot out, and stop acting like that album don't exist."

There plenty more shade, cut with plenty Flex bombs in the 18 minute speech. Listen to the full thing below.