Back in November, Flying Lotus treated fans at one of his shows to a previously unheard Kendrick Lamar verse, which at the time was rumored to be for his “Eyes Above” record off Lotus’ You’re Dead album. While its said that the verse would never be released in studio quality due to “political reasons”, that doesn't mean we can't hear a radio rip of it as played tonight for listeners on BBC Radio 1.

After conducting their sit-down interview, which was structured the same as Kendrick's Tupac conversation that appears towards the end of "Mortal Man," Lotus decided to close out the show by hitting play on the full version of his “Eyes Above (Remix)”. And as expected, K. Dot bodied his verse and delivers another insane lyrical onslaught for fans to digest. He raps,

"Thuggin' on other planets, pluckin' my black antennas
Listenin' for freelancers that bitted my style in famish
I don't allow the cameras, I don't allow the managers
I just break down the answers and hope humanity handles it"

Take a listen to K. Dot's verse below, and peep the full interview over at BBC here (fast forward to 1:37:27).