HBO's Euphoria took the youth by storm in 2019. Executively produced by Drake, the raunchy teen drama was full of exaggerated heartbreak, extravagant nostalgia, hyper-sexuality and blossoming star actors.

The show is now back for more, releasing a teaser Tuesday (Nov. 23) for season two of the show, while also announcing its return will be Jan. 9, 2022. 

The teaser opens with Zendaya's main character Rue in her room sining along peacefully to Frank Sinatra, then the song alters and quickly chaos emerges. Full of short cuts of crime, partying and all of season 1's favorite characters, it should get fans thrilled for what is to come. It also reveals an additional character portrayed by alternative/pop star Dominic Fike, whose aesthetic meshes perfectly with the show's target audience. Lil Nas X was also considered for a role in season 2, but he turned it down to focus on his album.

Since season 1 ended in August 2019, Zendaya has won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Rue, and they have released two special episodes to hold fans over in their absence.

The two episodes were dedicated to Rue and Hunter Schaefer's character Jules respectively, as they spend the entire episode in therapeutic conversations, divulging into what led to their fallout with one another at the end of season 1. Perhaps, this will be a necessary watch before season 2.

Check out the new Euphoria teaser below and make sure to check out season 2, hitting HBO Max on Jan. 9.