Drake just dropped the visual for "I'm Upset." Funny enough, the video got a few people wrapped up in the same emotion. While the video was a virtual reunion of the Degrassi: The Next Generation cast, a couple of people were left out of the mix. The video was shot at a high school location, meant to represent Degrassi High. The context is quite clear. It's an opportunity to see familiar faces in a familiar setting. Fans of the teen soap have been waiting for this moment for close to a decade. Drake, who played the basketball star, Jimmy Brooks, returns to the high school with the (almost) complete cast of colleagues: Cassie Steele (Manny), Lauren Collins (Paige), Shane Kippel (Spinner), Stefan Brogren (Snake), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Jake Epstein (Craig), Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), Jake Goldsbie (Toby) , Stacey Farber (Ellie), Andrea Lewis (Hazel), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), Christina Schmidt (Terri), Nina Dobrev (Mia), Melissa McIntyre (Ashley), LinLyn Lue (Ms. Kwan), Marc Donato (Derek), Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny), A.J. Saudin (Connor) and Paula Brancati (Jane).

Some fans noticed how some cast members were missing and many expressed their surprised. Daniel Clark who played Sean Cameron on the series was equally as stunned. He spilled to Page Six saying, "No one ever reached out to me about this. I have no idea even when it was filmed. I woke up this morning and watched the music video and was like, ‘What the hell is going on?'" Clark, who is now a business owner in Toronto, said it would have been nice to see everyone since he only sees his co-stars sporadically.

When loyal fans pointed out that Ryan Cooley (J.T.) was missing, Drake responded with this screenshotted tweet:

Mike Lobel (Jay) was also excluded from the music video. His response was low-key sarcastic, pun-ny even :