Even though Drake has been spotted wining and dining several women in the past month, many are still speculating whether the 6 God and Jennifer Lopez are or were a couple at all. Ellen Degeneres is the latest person to spark the rumors again.

When Lopez visited the set of The Ellen Show Tuesday, Degeneres asked her the most difficult question.

"Who did you spend Valentine's night with [...]? Was it this guy," Ellen asked as photos of Lopez and Drake getting cozy ran on a giant screen behind them. JLo answered, "he's off on tour right now," adding that they wrote a song together.

When Degeneres asked if she usually cuddled when she wrote songs, Lopez said that she and Drake weren't writing when the photos were taken.

"We were just hanging out." she said. 

When Ellen said that people made "a big deal" out of Lopez dating younger men, the 47-year-old said she doesn't "date younger men."

"Its about the person. It has nothing to do with age," she said.