Dr. Dre took Kendrick Lamar under his wing in 2012 when the then-rising rapper signed to Aftermath, and now K. Dot is veritable rap star and hip-hop darling. Although Dre's musical output may not be what it once is, he's still keeping his foot firmly within the rap game by forever signing the next best thing. Today, Dallas-based D Magazine profiled who's next for Dre's Aftermath, and it's a white kid hailing from Dallas, Texas.

We're still wondering when Jon Connor is getting his break, though? Whatever the case may be, it sounds like the new Aftermath signee, Justin Mohrle or JT as his friends call him, is still in the very early stages of career development. He's not allowed to talk on what exactly he's been working on with Dr. Dre since moving to L.A. in the summer of 2014. Much of his old music has also been wiped from the internet, and obviously the fact that he was signed to Aftermath was kept under wraps for the most part. 

However, D Magazine does provide you with some necessary info to get better acquainted to Dr. Dre's new protege. Apparently the D.O.C. was the one who connected Justin with Dre, after The D.O.C. passed along a demo the 23-year old did. The rapper was then summoned to Cali by Dr. Dre and has been "spending marathon 13-hour writing and recording sessions." As far as the people we do know he's worked with: King Mez, BJ The Chicago Kid and Gwen Stefani are all named. According to his Instagram, he's also touched base with producer S1 and Xzibit.

The D.O.C. told the magazine, "JT and I worked on a couple songs; Dre fell in love with the songs; Dre stole the songs from the kid, because he wanted to put them out as a unit. That’s the way this house is rolling. We’re all putting our energy toward building another classic for The Good Doctor. Then he’s going to take his time to help us build a classic for the youngster."

Read the full profile on Justin Mohrle here. Stay tuned, as the article says Mohrle won't be releasing new music until Christmas.