Dom Kennedy has taken a back seat when it comes to music, after releasing Get Home Safely just over a year ago. He's been keeping himself busy by touring in support of the album, but still, fans are fiending for some new music from the chilled out L.A. rapper.

We caught up with Dom after a recent show, and the rapper promised us that he's been steady working even if we don't see the output ourselves.

"Man I been working on new music, man, for real. I been working non-stop," Dom tells our host Baker during the interview. "I put out a little groundwork for my new project before I actually went on road and then immediately after the "Get Home Safely" tour we was just kicking back and working." 

In typical Dom fashion, he won't be providing us with too many details on the LP or some extensive and over-hyped roll out. Nonetheless, Dom says "It'll be soon. It's not really something I plan on drawing out, it's gunna be straight to the point like, 'this what it is, this when you gunna be able to get it, and here goes a preview.'"

Let's hope that "soon" means "next week." Watch the exclusive interview below.