We kicked off our digital cover story series with Action Bronson for a March/April release. The story was timed with the release of Mr. Wonderful, Bronsolino's much-lauded debut album. Today we're giving you a glimpse at who you can expect to hear from in the May/June digital cover story: Dizzy Wright.

The Funk Volume rapper is currently prepping a new album, The Growing Process, to arrive next week. We caught up with Dizzy while he was in NYC a few weeks back, and headed to Bethesda Terrace in Central Park as the sun set, in order to capture Dizzy in his element (by that we mean, smoking). Twilight added to the serene and otherworldly effect you see in the image above.

Take a look at the cover shot, and stay tuned for the full story and photo shoot.

Are you excited to hear The Growing Process? Watch the behind-the-scenes footage from our Central Park shoot below.

Edit: read the full story, out now, here.