Yesterday we heard that Frank Ocean is looking to press charges on Chris Brown for the altercation that occurred between the two r'n'b singers and their respective posses over the weekend. However, according to Brown's lawyer, the singer did nothing wrong.

TMZ reports that law enforcement sources say Mark Geragos, who is C Breezy's lawyer, has already contacted detectives and told them that Chris is ready and willing to tell them every detail of what happened in the fight, because he knows he did nothing wrong.

Apparently Geragos' team has surveillance footage of the last part of the fight, and Chris Brown doesn't throw a single punch. However, word is that the video also clears Mr. Ocean, and the fighting is solely between the crews.

Even so, the video only documents the fight's finale, so there could be more to it. The fight started in the parking lot, where there was no video camera, before making its way to the lobby, where a camera caught the brawl. 

Geragos says that Brown left the scene before the cops arrived on advice from his lawyer, who told him if were ever in trouble, he should leave immediately.

This is contrary to a previous report, which has an eyewitness saying that Chris Brown threw the first punch at Frank, after Frank laughed at Chris and refused to shake his hand.

Although Frank has openly tweeted about the incident, Chris has been a little more cryptic with his tweets. He sent out a drawing he did of Jesus Christ on the cross, adding the caption, "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!”

[Update: TMZ has captured photos of Chris Brown today]

In photos taken today, C Breezy leaves his home with a hard cast on his right hand. What do we make of this? Was he hurt by Frank Ocean and crew, or did he hurt himself by throwing punches at Frank Ocean & company?