One of the hottest new artists of the year, has also been in some of the most consistent legal trouble. Chief Keef was released on probation, but is now facing getting locked back up because he violated his parole two-fold, by not completing his GED, and then by being around automatic weapons on the now infamous Pitchfork Gun Range Video.  Well, Keef is catching a slight break as his hearing has been pushed back, which will allow him to travel and promote his debut album Finally Rich.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that the 17 year old's hearing has been delayed until early 2013, this was because the prosecution wanted to gather all the materials on the rapper. As mentioned, this includes video of him on a firing range on a Pitchfork video, which has been taken offline, but was ordered by a judge to be submitted as evidence.  Now the court will reconvene on January 28, 2013, being delayed from December 12th.

This of course correlates with Keef dropping his anticipated album Finally Rich which came out December 18th, and the prosecution keying in on the Chi-Town rapper who originally was charged with pointing a gun at an officer, and has since gained notoriety for glorifying the violent street life, and was even implicated in the death of a rival rapper, Lil JoJo.  It is clear they want to present all facts in this case. 

[Via HHDX]