Chief Keef, the 17-year-old rapper from Chicago who has blown up on the hip-hop scene, belongs back in jail, this according to prosecutors on his case.

The rapper who made the phrase "I Don't Like" famous is currently on probation for 18 months for pointing a gun at a Chicago cop. His probation thus bans him from having any guns or any illegal drugs or associating with gang members. So, a video which shows the rapper visiting a gun range in New York for an interview he did with Pitchfork (for which Pitchfork later apologized) has not been well-received by the prosecutors. The prosecutors have argued that Keef violated his probation and should go back in juvenile detention.

In addition, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Keef didn't complete his GED by the deadline set in his probation.

Cook County Juvenile Court Judge Carl Anthony Walker has decided to hold a hearing next month for both the alleged probation violations.