Following the backlash from fans reacting negatively to Chief Keef mocking the death of a young rival Chicago rapper, Pitchfork had removed a video they filmed with Keef at a gun range.  Later, prosecutors said that the video showed that the young rapper violated his probation by being on the gun range, and a court date was set to determine if he had indeed violated his probation. 

A judge has ruled that Pitchfork hand the footage over to the court, as it will be used to determine if Keef, real name Keith Cozart, should be sent back to juvenile detention for firing weapons.  He also did not meet the other stipulation of his probation, which was that he complete his academic GED. 

The hearing is December 17th, which falls one day prior to his debut album, Finally Rich, dropping.  There has not been much promotion for the album, and perhaps the release date was chosen to correspond with the court date as the “I Don’t Like” rapper could very well find himself behind bars. 

[Via Complex]