You read it right - Reverend Al Sharpton is the newest addition to Birdman's Cash Money empire. 

As it turns out, YMCMB is branching out into books, their first major release being the civil rights spokesman and TV host's The Reject Stone. It will detail his "personal evolution" and include his opinions on multiple rappers, including Lil Wayne. On Thursday, he told The Associated Press that he was "anxious to have a positive dialogue."

This is pretty strange, considering Sharpton and Wayne have beefed in the past, specifically over Wayne's use of "bitch" and the n-bomb in his lyrics. Weezy described Sharpton as Don King with a perm in a now infamous retort. As such, this new development is somehow even more shocking than Paris Hilton's signing with YMCMB last month.

The Reject Stone drops on October 8th. Anyone plan on grabbing a copy?