Wack 100 and Bleu DaVinci just won't stop antagonizing 50 Cent, sharing paperwork this week that allegedly shows that the legendary rapper acquired the television rights to BMF, his new series on Starz, through his dealings with a federal informant.

Music manager Wack 100 and former BMF-affiliated rapper Bleu DaVinci have been going back-and-forth with 50 Cent on social media, attempting to prove that the television producer got the rights to BMF's story through his business with Tammy Cowins, Big Meech's longtime friend who was accused of being a government informant before acquiring the rights to BMF Entertainment.

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images -- Tammy Cowins attends STARZ Series "BMF" World Premiere

Posting a series of slides with paperwork and alleged documentation to prove that Cowins cooperated with the feds to get Big Meech and others locked up, Wack said: 

"I hate to be called a liar. Again documentation beats conversation. The son I repeat the son is not the life right holder .... This Man @bleudavinci gotta book over here I’m still reading the worst is yet to come."

A few days ago, 50 Cent posted a message from Big Meech, who remains incarcerated, supporting the BMF series launch and thanking Fif for bringing the family back to relevancy


Check out Wack's post below and let us know what you think. Is 50 Cent in the wrong?