Two professors at the Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas were arrested on Friday after allegedly deciding to channel Walter White in the labs. According to Time Magazine, associate chemistry professors Terry David Bateman and Bradley Allen Rowland were taken into police custody on charges of manufacturing meth and using drug paraphernalia. Bateman has reportedly been working at Henderson State University since 

Their arrest stemmed from an incident in October, according to the university's rep, Tina Hall. Both Bateman and Bradley Aleen have been on administrative leave since October 11th but the arrest occurred after the university's science center was shut down  “due to a report of an undetermined chemical odor." This was on October 8th. It was revealed from the first tests that there was "an elevated presence of benzyl chloride" in the lab which is used to cook meth. The university was later opened on October 29th. 

“The safety of our students, faculty and staff is a top priority, and we continue to cooperate with authorities,” Hall said. She did not confirm whether or not they were actually cooking meth in the lab but she did direct any questions pertaining to that to the Clark County Sheriff's Office. 

At this time, Rowland has made bail and is currently out of jail. It's unclear if Bateman is still in police custody.