The first listen of Frank Ocean's long-awaited Blond(e) provided many surprises, and for rap fans one of the major talking points came with Andre 3000's verse on "Solo (Reprise)". "After 20 years in, I'm so naive 
/ I was under the impression / That everyone wrote they own verses / It's comin' back different and, yeah, that shit hurts me," raps Three Stacks on the record, spawning speculation that the bars might be a shot at Drake, who was criticized by Meek Mill last summer about his use of collaborative writers.

While the internet was convinced Dre was coming at Drizzy for a good week, Cee-Lo has now put an end to the discussion by revealing that Andre's verse was recorded 2 years ago, long before the Drake "ghostwriting" discussion began.

"He was telling me that he did that verse like two years ago," the Dungeon Family rapper and singer said during his appearance on Sway In The Morning, going on to confirm that the verse was definitely not about Drake. "I can confirm that it's not, but it's good for hip-hop," he said.