Travis Scott has always made his fondness for drugs a central feature of his music, but Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight might be his druggiest project yet, as far as sheer amount of references. He and the various featured artists mention everything from crack to DMT, and today, we've catalogued every pertinent lyric. To keep it fair, we've only counted identical lyrics once-- for example, weed, lean, and pills only get one point apiece for "SDP Interlude," despite the fact that the line "Smoke some, drink some, pop one" is repeated numerous times-- and we've grouped some similar substances together. All but two songs ("The Ends" and "Lose") contain drug references, and in total, drugs are mentioned some 57 separate times on the album. That's almost enough to land Trav in our Top Ten Druggiest Albums Of All-Time. Click on to get a breakdown by substance, ranked from least mentions to most.