Last week, the world got an unprecedented look inside of Schoolboy Q's various addictions on Oxymoron, an album named after the painkiller Oxycodone. It's most certainly an album that can be categorized as "drug rap," making it the latest in the long, storied history of rapper's infatuation with, selling of, and popularizing of various controlled and illegal substances.

Beginning rather tamely in the late '80s/early '90s with marijuana gradually creeping into some artists' lyrics, drug rap has experienced a renaissance of sorts in the past three years, beginning to incorporate hard drugs that previously didn't get much attention in rap music. Today, colorful characters like Danny Brown, Chance the Rapper, Flatbush Zombies and of course, ScHoolboy Q have shown us that rock music's hippies aren't the only ones who enjoy indulging in the occasional hallucinogen or upper.

Here are ten of the druggiest albums and mixtapes in hip hop history, listed chronologically so you can see the very obvious pattern of hip hop artists expanding their roster of substances over time.

Look at the infographic below for some details, and be sure to click through all the galleries for more insight on each LP.