Adrian Peterson is one of the most legendary running backs in the history of the NFL, and over the past few years, he has been jumping from team to team. When you get up in age, it becomes harder to be an effective and consistent RB. Regardless, there are still teams out there who feel like Peterson can get the job done at this stage in his career.

Just a few weeks ago, Peterson was signed by the Tennessee Titans in the aftermath of Derrick Henry's leg injury. Unfortunately, Peterson's run on the team didn't last all that long as he was recently released by the franchise.

Adrian Peterson

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Now, however, Peterson is already back on his feet as he has been given a chance by a struggling NFC West team. According to Adam Schefter, it was confirmed today that the Seattle Seahawks had placed Peterson on their practice roster. It remains to be seen if and when he will be promoted, however, it remains clear that Peterson will be getting yet another shot in the NFL.

Peterson is still very confident in his abilities, so it's good to see some teams taking a chance. Only time will tell if this is an opportunity that could see him become a significant part of a struggling offense.