Jordan Brand just can't stop, won't stop pumping out new Air Jordan 12s this year.

The latest to be unveiled is this unique "Waterproof Neoprene" joint which features a completely blacked out upper made of... waterproof neoprene! A red jumpman and a clean white outsole are the only forms of contrast on the toned down 12s. 

The shoes are eerily similar to the extremely rare "Friends & Family" release of the "PSNY" Air Jordan 12.

Although the kicks have just recently been unveiled, a release date has already been pegged for September 10th- they'll reportedly cost $190.

If you can't wait until then for your next Air Jordan 12 fix, a "Grey/University Blue" joint is dropping later this month and the much anticipated "Gym Red" colorway will follow shortly after.

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Ones hot and ones ugly? 😂

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