Zion Williamson is one of the biggest stars in the NBA even though he just came off of his rookie season. Williamson is known for his large stature and athletic ability that leads to magnificent dunks and blocks. Fans have become ingratiated with his style of play and he has already turned into a huge fan-favorite. Before ever stepping onto an NBA court, Zion was flooded with endorsements, including one from Jordan Brand which was worth $90 million over six years. 

Since signing that deal, fans have been waiting on him to release a signature sneaker model and according to DJ Folk, that could be coming soon. In fact, the sneaker is going to be called the Jordan Z Code and it will be dropping during the early stages of 2021. 

While the name has been revealed, there are no teaser images of what the shoe might look like. Despite this, the name alone inspires the imagination and we're sure it will be a shoe made for a large player. Zion needs explosive shoes that can stay together with his size and his signature model will certainly reflect that.

Stay tuned for any updates on this shoe as we will be sure to bring them to you.