Somebody, I'm not saying who.. stole the infamous Zion Williamson sneaker that imploded from right under his nose. TMZ caught up with the freshman in between NCAA Tournament games to ask him about its whereabouts. The video documenting the encounter, Zion doesn't too concerned with its disappearance because quite frankly, they're broken. Secondly, he's got bigger fish to fry in a couple of minutes when he faces Michigan State with a spot in the Final Four on the line.

Had Zion met this collector dude named Ken, he'd have given the sneaker disappearance a little more consideration. Here's why: Ken believes the broken Nike PG 2.5 could go for $250,000 on the collector's market. And to be quite honest with you, he's probably right. Especially if the shoe's current "owner" strikes while the iron is hot. Incidentally, Ken finished convo with TMZ by urging this mystery "owner" to contact him directly.

TMZ followed up with Nike and Duke University, again, to discuss the sneaker's whereabouts, both replying that they too had no idea. Nike didn't exactly entertain the idea for too long, choosing instead a subject line more befitting of the March Madness contests at hand. However, Coach K did mention that Nike representatives showed on campus in the hopes of passing inspection or finding a lead.