City Girls have been providing bangers for two summers straight but still, they face heavy criticism over their rapping style. While they might not be the most lyrical ladies to emerge into the rap industry, they know how to make a banger, and that, you can't deny. However, their hustle is impressive. While JT was locked up, Yung Miami held down the City Girls brand until she came back home. And she was pregnant while doing that.

Now, Yung Miami is no stranger to criticism, especially on a musical front but it doesn't appear that she's too keen on hearing any criticism that isn't constructive. Earlier this month, she got flamed for her verse on Chloe x Halle's "Do It" remix with many saying that she was offbeat. "Maybe it gotta grow on y'all idk," she tweeted shortly after its release.

Unfortunately, it appears that the criticism continued this week following her recent appearance on Moneybagg Yo's "Said Sum (Remix)." She wasn't as passive this time around. "Y’all say I can’t rap God said “I can” that’s why I’m doing it he put me here," she tweeted. She added that this is her job and how she feeds her kids, at the end of the day. "Why would I quit and this is how I feed my family? I got two kids that’s depending on me!"

Even if she does get roasted on Twitter, she reminded people that the reception to the City Girls in real life is very different. "Y’all don’t like my verses fine DON’T listen to them idgaf cause when we have concerts it be a bunch of mf in there screaming my shit!" She added. "On or off a beat bitch imma rap and you gone get these verses period!"

Check out her tweets below.