CNN reports indicate YouTube singer and vocalist Austin Jones was sentenced to 10 years in prison on a child pornography case. Precisely, Jones was caught soliciting underage girls to send him explicit videos of themselves. The latter was to prove their loyalty as fans to him. The YouTuber gained prominence throughout the years from posting videos of himself singing song covers. He since became somewhat of a teen idol.

The pornographic videos requested by Jones were asked to girls aged as young as fourteen years old. The crooner was arrested in 2017 with regards to a production of child pornography. Assistant U.S. Attorney Katherine Neff Welsh adds in consideration of the case: "Jones' actions took something from his victims and their families that they will never be able to get back." Accordingly, a total of six victims were counted as victims in the ordeal, however, Jones admitted to having asked several minor girls thirty other times.  

As per Jones' confession, the singer would approach the girls via Facebook and encourage them to send the pornographic photos in order to prove they were his "biggest fans", moreover he would add that "they were part of a modeling opportunity, and that he could assist them in gaining followers on Instagram," confirmed the Department of Justice. The requested videos included explicit dancing where the singer would tell his fans what to say.

Jones pleaded guilty in February and was sentenced this past Friday.