Rappers and police have a long history of beef. In fact, the creation of hip-hop can be attributed to a counter-culture movement that directly challenged the establishment and the justice system. For decades, rappers have spoken about the hip-hop police, a special task force created to stalk Black men with money in the industry. In a video that has been making its round online, it appears that YFN Lucci had a run in with the police this weekend.

Lucci was allegedly arrested in Atlanta on Saturday night. According to The Shade RoomLucci was taken to the Atlanta Detention Center, but bonded out this morning (July 15). In a video attained by TSR, a lady can be heard commenting on the arrest while recording Lucci being detained by police. The footage is blurry, but Lucci appears to be wearing the same outfit that he was seen rocking on his Instagram Story on the same night. A subsequent social media post features Lucci saying, "The police was hating on me," while showing off one of his rides. Other than that quick reference, Lucci has refrained from speaking about the arrest publicly. The details of the arrest have yet to be released. This is not Lucci's first encounter with the law. He was arrested last year for fleeing police, and also had a run-in with the law alongside Reginae Carter last month.