We are reporting on some positive news today based on reports by TheShadeRoom. According to the news outlet, Yale University made history recently when the first Black student body president was elected. Kahlil Green made history by being elected for the role this fall. The student will commence his duties in September when he will be returning to Yale University as a junior. The youngster sat down for an interview with Fox 5 to discuss the meaning of his new role and his future career plans. 

"So I was on the student government for the past year. Coming up to April when it’s time to run, I felt like I wanted to amplify the voices of the underserved communities on campus, especially students of color. So being the first black president, I feel like I’m in a position where I can really do that," Greene shared with regards to his new involvement in the student government. Moreover, he emphasized on the positivity his win symbolized and that Yale University had made significant progress in the past few years. Though he did mention that despite this, the elite university still has some way to go in terms of diversity and inclusion. "I think we can be a more diverse and inclusive campus, and I’m grateful for the role that I’ll have to make it happen."

Kahlil is currently majoring in economics and his future plans of going to law school.