Regardless of what your opinion is on XXXTentacion's music, it's impossible to deny the young rapper this: his studio releases, via Soundcloud or otherwise, have been extremely profitable for him and those who have taken a chance on his creativity so far. 17, his most recent full-length effort, has been a mainstay on the Billboard 200 album chart and continues to generate positive sales and streaming numbers, leading to the teenage rapper becoming one of the most profitable artists in the hip-hop game right now. That fact hasn't gone unnoticed by Capitol Music Group, who inked X to a record deal worth an estimated $6 million. With that kind of money in tow, it's inevitable that XXXTentacion's lifestyle would get a few upgrades and, in a new social media video, he couldn't contain his excitement about taking to the friendly skies in a state of unprecedented luxury in his life.

"I got tired of flying with y'all n****s," stated X, as he prepared to board a private jet that was waiting to take him and his team to their final destination. "I never, [ever] brag, but this one I'm proud of," he added later, giving viewers a glimpse of his seat on the aircraft, looking out the window and allowing him the opportunity to watch the wings move, something that he seemed quite excited to be doing. He was flying to San Jose, though there's no indication if the trip and his plans while on the West Coast were for business or pleasure. Regardless, it's just another feather in the cap of a rapper who's clearly doing his best to live his life to the fullest. Check out the video clip below.

Back to his new record deal for a minute. Going through indie distributor Caroline, XXXTentacion will now arguably have more promotional and monetary heft behind his much-anticipated follow-up to his debut album. Released via Bad Vibes Forever/EMPIRE Records, 17 sold 87,000 sales plus streaming equivalent units in its first week, not only making it the strongest debut ever for an EMPIRE release, but also heralding the arrival of a new force nature where hip-hop music is concerned.