Fresh off the drop of their latest mixtape Members Only Volume 3, the infamous Members Only collective continues to mosh their way into the game. With a sound unlike anything hip-hop has ever heard, the group's overall aesthetic is aggressive, distorted, and energetic. Their shows often incite some aggro-ass crowds, and sometimes escalate into straight up violence. It's commonplace to see group co-founder XXXTENTACION soaring through the air willy-nilly, falling into the eager clutches of his fans.   

The group first formed back in 2015, when XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask The Slump God befriended each other in prison. From there, a musical chemistry was cultivated, which ultimately led to the first volume of their eponymous mixtape series. Since then, Members Only has seen many members come and go, including: Bass Santana, Flyboy Tarantino, DIRTYFACESMOOK, LxuiSavage, KiD TRUNKS, Kilo Jr., Fukkit, Vinny Chango$, SB, DylansVision & RyBundy.

One thing hasn't changed, however. The core group remains rooted by a sense of familial loyalty. Co-founder Ski Mask The Slump Godtold XXL "Members Only is like everything in one, we're more of a family than just like, a collective, you feel me? If it came down to it, we'd just say fuck the music and try to be friends."

Love them or hate them, here is the current Members Only roster.