Xavier Wulf, Idontknowjeffery & Bankroll Rico All Swerve "5 On The Dot"

Devin Ch
June 03, 2018 17:15

"I tried to be more rationale but my pride ain't having it."

If you were curious how the Memphis Underground took up shop, look no further than "5 On The Dot." Since it leaked in December, the single forced idontknowjeffery to share the spotlight, thus mitigating his shock value. We're talking about a deeply offensive rapper that has written songs advocating unprotected sex. It seems the elements of horrorcore which characterized the Memphis scene in the 1990s aren't completely lost on the current generation.

Xavier Wulf, once affiliated with Raider Klan brings his interest in auto racing to this here video. "5 On The Dot" sees all three rappers swap appearances and vehicles to suit their liking. idontknowjeffery is more concerned with hoarding the entire lingerie platoon, leaving Rico and Xavier Wulf to mull over different kinds of silhouette. In all honesty idontknowjeffery is a reprehensible guy, who has made questionable calls in his career. In the interest of preserving and upholding the Memphis scene, which I deem important, I hope a song like this can be a building block for jeffery. Here's to the future.

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