WWE legend Jerry "The King" Lawler" has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Hardeman County Sheriff John Doolen, and others, for failing to protect his son while he was in custody in July of 2018. 

In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Jerry Lawler says the Sheriff personally "promised" that his son, Brian, would get treatment for his drug and alcohol issues while in jail for DUI and evading police, which is part of the reason Jerry didn't post bail money to get him out. However, Jerry says Brian, also known as WWE superstar Grandmaster Sexay, was left without any treatment at all.

According to the report by TMZ, Lawler is suing the Tennessee Sheriff for $3M.


Jeffrey Rosenblum, Lawler's attorney reportedly told TMZ that Brian explained to officers during his arrest that he had attempted suicide in the past.

That said, after being attacked by another inmate, Brian never received medical attention and was placed in solitary confinement with his shoes and shoe laces. He ultimately used his shoe lace to hang himself from two "large bolts" that were protruding out of one of the walls in his cell.

Per TMZ: