Earlier this week on Monday Night Raw, WWE superstar Seth Rollins was called down to the ring by Triple H, the man he has been hunting down for months.

However, before Rollins could get his hands on Triple H, he was attacked by NXT standout Samoa Joe who put a beatdown on the former WWE champ. The show closed with an unconscious, injured Rollins laying in the middle of the squared circle.

This, of course, was all part of the WWE storyline. 

Unfortunately, WWE has reported that the injury Rollins sustained on his surgically repaired knee during his scrap with Samoa Joe was actually real and he's currently being evaluated by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama.

WWE is reportedly awaiting results of the tests to see how long Rollins will be sidelined and whether or not they'll need to re-write their plans for Wrestlemania 33 which is coming up in April.

Of course, because this is the WWE, some people are still skeptical about Rollins' injury but the company and other sources insists this isn't an act.