WWE star Paige, who suffered a career-ending injury, was a part of a sex tape scandal in 2017 when a video of her was leaked. The former star is now a part of a movie about her life called Fighting With My Family and recently did an interview with the New York Post about it. In that interview, Paige described how she felt after the tape was leaked and what it meant for her career.

“To be publicly humiliated like that was terrible, and I don’t wish that for anyone,” she explained. “I didn’t go to work; I didn’t do anything. I felt so rock bottom.”

At the same time as the scandal, Paige had just suffered her career-ending injury and as she described, it sent her into a bit of a depression. Although, that all changed when she met a young 7-year-old fan who offered some kind words of encouragement that ultimately changed her outlook on things.

“Of course, she didn’t have the internet and thought I was the most beautiful and most successful woman in the world,” Paige said. “It opened my eyes to so many things. I was like, ‘I’m gonna let videos get in the way of things?’”

Fighting With My Family releases this Thursday, February 14th in the US.