Woodstock 50 will be free, according to TMZThe much-maligned festival will be taking place in Maryland, although the list of performers is starting to dwindle. Jay-Z famously backed out of the festival after Woodstock's organizers had to switch locations from New York to Maryland. There have been several other hurdles for the event planners, making the entire situation seem chaotic. Jay might have been the biggest name attached to the festival, so his departure leaves the door open for others (John Fogerty has also pulled out of the festival) to leave as well. In an attempt to satisfy possible attendees, Woodstock has decided to make their tickets free. I guess you can't complain about something if you didn't pay for it. 

For those who are able to grab tickets, which have yet to be released, it is being encouraged that they donate to their favorite cause. Woodstock is not being billed as a benefit concert though. The event organizers still plan on charging for VIP tickets to help pay for staffing. The method in which the free tickets will be given out has yet to be revealed. TMZ believes the availability of the tickets and where to get them will be revealed this upcoming week. Woodstock 50 is set to happen the weekend of August 16.