Wiz Khalifa's tall and lanky figure is coming in handy, as the rapper begins a few modelling exploits. While we cannot say if he'll be appearing in other fashion campaigns, brand Eleven Paris has tapped the ultimate stoner for their Fall 2014 ad campaign, alongside verified super model Kate Moss.

Despite some serious allegations circulating photographer Terry Richardson, Richardson was tapped to shoot the new campaign. Alongside some flicks of Kate Moss and Wiz Khalifa, some video footage from Wiz's shoot with Terry has been released.

As you might expect, Wiz is smoking up for the entire shoot and even blows some smoke in the photographs (which are featured in the gallery above).

The brand's founder, Oriel Bensimhon, said,"We recognize ourselves in their indolence, hedonism and naturally grunge attitude and I think that they, too, recognized themselves in our FW14/15 collection. The style was done very simply: we let them choose the clothes that they liked best and it turned out they were the strongest pieces of our new FW14/15 col- lection."