Wiz Khalifa celebrates a personal victory as the Pittsburgh Steelers head to the Super Bowl after a crushing defeat of the New York Jets.

As expected, Khalifa, a native of Pittsburgh, performed his hit record "Black and Yellow" for the home team.

He said he would celebrate in his own special way.

"Show wuz great. flight wuz smooth. now we at bgsu finnna wrap this joint up...literally," tweeted the rapper known for his herbal habit.

Khalifa also stated that the event affording him the opportunity to fly in a private plane for the first time.

The rapper said he mostly wants to represent his city.

"I've always had that Pittsburgh pride. I just wanted to let people know where I'm from and represent any way I can, and what better way than through our colors?" Wiz said previously. "I took that hometown pride and put it in a song."