Wiz Khalifa Answers Fan Questions On Skee TV

Patrick Lyons
August 27, 2014 17:27

Watch Wiz Khalifa field questions from fans on Skee TV.

Though he currently has the number one album in the country, Wiz Khalifa is a man of the people. In a new interview with our own Jen DeLeon on Skee TV, the Taylor Gang rapper fields questions from his ever-loyal fanbase.

Wearing a shirt that says "Three Dee" and spoofs the Black Flag logo, Young Khalifa answers questions about everything from his son, Sebastian, to his craziest fan experience (which occurred when a fan asked to shake his hand when he was walking out of the bathroom). The only question Wiz won't answer? What age he was when he started smoking weed.

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INTERVIEWS Wiz Khalifa Answers Fan Questions On Skee TV