XXXTENTACION is a man of many talents, but who know one of them was making cocktails.

The rapper, who closed out his most recent tour with a live-streamed concert on Sunday, decided to try his hand behind the bar in the first-ever episode of a new YouTube show entitled Re-Mixology. The concept of the show, in their words, is to "[introduce] the confusing world of craft cocktails to rappers, while mixing this culinary art form with familiar and exotic ingredients."

XXX attempted to make a vodka cocktail inside of a watermelon and even had his pal Ski Mask The Slump God act as his taste-tester. He's actually on probation, so he wasn't allowed to drink anything during the segment. When that roadblock has run its course, maybe we'll see him star in a Cocktail sequel one day, complete with stage dives.

Check out the full video below.