Movies where the earth rises up to destroy humanity are manifold, from Day After Tomorrow to 2012. Now, one of the writers from a slightly different kind of end-of-the-world movie (Independence Day) is directing his first ever film about environmentally wrought destruction of the entire human race. It’s called Geostorm, watch the first trailer below.

The movie has its own modern, conspiracy theory-tinged spin on the genre – it’s the future, and humanity has developed weather-controlling technology. Of course, the ability to stop natural disasters is a double-edged sword, and when things go wrong we suddenly have car-sized hail and tidal waves the size os skyscrapers.

Gerard Butler will play a scientist who must band together with government agents and other engineers to try and save the world from self-destruction. It’s slated to come out in October, what do you think based on the first trailer?