Vice Sports and Nike partnered up tell the true story behind the iconic Nike SB Dunks in a documentary that recently aired on Vice and, but can also be found at the bottom of this post.

There have been plenty of iconic Nike SBs released over the course of the sneaker's 15 year reign, including some that started riots, but it wasn't always a sure thing that Nike would be able to break into the underground skate community. 

As we well know, Nike ultimately broke through in a major way and this upcoming documentary will surely provide some insight into how the Nike SB Dunks were able to become a staple of the skate culture.

Per Vice Sports:

"We found the story reflects the unique intersection of sneakerhead collectors with the skate community. Riders like Richard Mulder, Reese Forbes, Gino Iannucci, and Danny Supa helped determined the look, feel, approach and tone of the SB Dunk, in partnership with the Nike SB design team. That group quickly built a grassroots movement with skate retailers like Supreme and Huf, the nascent "hype" press of and NikeTalk, and new Nike team riders like Brian Anderson, Wieger van Wagninen and Paul Rodriguez.

Informed by the "gotta have them all" mentality of OG Japanese collector/retailers like Hidefumi Hommyo (of Chapter and Atmos), sneaker-specific boutiques like Undefeated popped up, region-specific releases were developed, and the sneaker culture your hypebeast cousin now talks about incessantly was fully established."

Check out the documentary below.