Despite its title, The Album About Nothing touches on many of Wale's most personal experiences. In a recent interview with MTV, the D.C. rapper sheds light on the painful emotions that went into the making of his latest album. 

He opens up about his girlfriend's miscarriage, referenced on the tracks "The Middle Finger" and "The Matrimony", and how the tragedy led him toward serious depression: “You’ve got it in your mind and for that joint to be snatched away like that, it just took me on a downward spiral. I felt alone and nothing could take the feeling away." Drugs also became a dangerous problem in the months that followed: "For about three months I just was blacked out. I was just not right at all. For three months, I was just going through the motions. I’d be out in public and I’d have sunglasses on, and I’d just be in another universe."

He goes on to talk about the negative consequences of industry success, and how public criticism nearly brought him to the brink of defeat. To complete TAAN, says Wale, he had to overcome more odds than ever before, but, in doing so, he created the best album of his career. 

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Watch the full interview below.