Wale has never been afraid to express how he feels, no matter what the subject is. While he's used his music, poems, message boards, and Twitter to express his thoughts on everything from wrestling and sneakers, to relationships, and discrimination based on skin color within the black community, the DC emcee has now taken to a blog to express himself. 

The DC emcee penned a blog on NicoleBitchie.com venting his frustration with the portrayal of black women 

He started by questioning Hollywood and reflecting on his views of how it used to be: 

"My question is: What happened to Hollywood?

I remember Lisa Bonet and a plethora of other beautiful Black women on “Different World.” I remember princess Jada [Pinkett]. I used to daydream about her. I was only in elementary school but when I first saw Jada I was in love. Nothing about this princess screamed, “Sex!” My mind was allowed to play with the idea of what lies under this fully clothed “around the way” girl. True, perhaps a child shouldn’t have such fantasies but that’s besides the point."

He'd go on to explain the direction he took with his video for "The Body":

" 'The Body,' was an attempt to get us, as Black people, headed in a more elevated direction. Mariah [the model I used in the video] kind of epitomized what I felt a normal beautiful “round the way” girl looked like. These days, we spend so much time focusing on “that assssss, ” we forget how much of love’s chemistry is contingent to a beautiful face and genuine personality. Personalities that used to cut through our television screens when Jada would flex that B’more attitude in a scene. The authenticity back when there was no desire to portray women as just an over-sexualized, clay-like-body to Instagram-obsessed people!"

Check out Wale's video for his track "The Body". The Album About Nothing 3/31/15