Based on the reaction that resulted from his Reddit AMA not long ago, you can see where the possibility of having Vince Staples on a comedy talk show could gold, Jerry, gold!

The man-of-few-words Staples made an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last night (June 14th) and the conversation was amusingly deadpan. For example, when asked what the title of his album, Big Fish Theory, means or stood for, Staples was appropriately glib in his response. "As far as with my music I don’t wanna ever tell somebody exactly what it’s about because it’s whatever it means to them," said the rapper.

Things got even more random when asked about the fact that he handed out betta fish at one of his listening parties. "They only last two weeks," said Staples, who explained that, because they only need a little bit of water, oxygen and food, they're perfect for children. "And then they die after two weeks? Why would you give them to children?" asked Noah. "Well, children don't come to listening parties," replied Staples.

You can watch the full interview below.