Vado has always had some shine, mostly alongside his fellow rapper Cam'ron. But with the release of Slime Flu 3 in the horizon, a part of his Slime Flu series,Vado is going hard on his solo ish.

While talking to XXL, Vado discussed his relationship with the man who basically got him on his grind, Cam'ron, as well as leaving Interscope, and more.

Firstly, Vado explained what happened to his Interscope deal, and why he walked (contrary to popular belief that he was dropped). "The Interscope deal, if you want me to be honest with you, I feel like I shouldn’t have even went all the way to the West Coast. I feel I should’ve stayed grounded with the New York labels. They understand and know me so they know how to handle me, they know what to do. You go all the way over there; they don’t know what’s going on. So now, I gotta fix everything up and I gotta work with their music. It was just a whole big difference to the point that I had to ask for my walking papers."

Vado also spoke on the Harlem rap scene, and how after his emergence rappers like A$AP Rocky came out and got huge. Vado gives them props, "I respect A$AP honestly because, he came under us, and when I say “under us,” I mean Most Hated, he’s from Harlem. A$AP Ferg, he’s from Harlem. So they seen how we came up, the same way we seen Children of the Corn came up—when they were just doing talent shows and just doing stuff in Harlem, but we knew about them so they knew about us as far as me, Jae Millz, Charlie Clips and etc. When I finally got on, I’m sure it was definitely a motivation but they always was doing what they had to do."

Finally Vado promises real hip-hop on Slime Flu 3, if not already obvious from his araabMUZIK-produced cut "The Awards." He also explains how Slime Flu 2 was mostly songs marketed for Interscope, and hence why they were perhaps not so well-received. "Slime Flu 3 is straight hip-hop. It brings you to the ’90s but also gives you that 2K flavor and style. It’s all the way ’90s as far as lyrics and concepts. It’s real. I’m not even gonna lie, SF3 is a mixtape that I like. Meaning I gave what I wanted to give, I didn’t change up nothing, nobody told me, “Nah that’s not hot, do this.” It’s what I wanted to give. But, Slime Flu 1 was what I wanted to give too. Slime Flu 2 was more of a lot of songs I was recording in L.A. trying to build the right songs for Interscope so that they could push it. So a lot of the music on SF2 was that."

Vado continues to discuss his big homie Cam'ron, and their relationship, as well as the possibility of signing to another major label after the Interscope incident.