Incase you're not familiar with V-Nasty let me give you a recap: She's associated with Kreayshawn, part of the White Girl Mob, and she's known for using the n-word in her raps. She once was defiant about using the n-word, refusing to change her ways, but it seems that she has cleaned up her act, having returned from a six month stint in Alameda County Santa Rita Jail. LA Weekly recently sat down to talk to her, in her first interview ever, to discuss her music, growing up in Oakland and more.

V-Nasty has one mixtape out so far, called "Don't Bite Just Taste", where the n-word is used throughout, which made her hated by many. She says she wants to distinguish using the word "n*gger" and "n*gga" saying,

"Now if I hear somebody say it with an '-er,' I'm gonna speak up! I don't take that shit lightly. I wish somebody would come up and call my daughter or my son the N-word in that way."

As well she mentioned that she feels singled out, and she brought up the fact that Fat Joe, also non-black, uses the word with immunity.

In any case, she says that she will no longer use it in her raps, however will continue to use it amongst her friends, "They're used to it, they don't give a fuck, you feel me? In Oakland it doesn't matter."

V-Nasty has a mixtape with her favourite rapper, Gucci Mane, in the works, set to drop next month.