The rumors are true: The Utah Jazz will be bringing back their classic Purple Mountain throwback uniforms for 11 home and select away games in the 2019-20 season.

Based on the road uniform worn from 1996-2004, which includes Utah's back-to-back trips to the NBA Finals, the purple jersey is highlighted by the prominent white-to-purple gradient mountain range, featuring a purple, teal, white and copper trim. 

The '90s Jazz wordmark is utilized on the front chest, while trim and copper outline the white numerals. The white mountain range makes another appearance on the left leg of the shorts, while the "UJ" secondary mark is stationed on the right leg. As a final touch, the team's third snowflake basketball logo sits on the waistband.

“I remember as a kid watching the Jazz when they wore these jerseys in the Finals. I’m excited about them,” said new Jazz guard Mike Conley, who participated in a Classic Edition uniform rollout video. “I think it’s great. You get so used to wearing the same two or three jerseys, and then you pull out a new one and it gets your juices flowing. We’re all excited.”

Donovan Mitchell, Mike Conley, Rudy Gobert and co. will also be playing on a specially designed court during home games when the "Classic Edition" jerseys are worn.

A replica of the home court from 1996-2004, the hardwood features the classic primary logo at midcourt with a teal-filled paint area. Purple appears on the semi-circle atop the free throw line, as well as the perimeter of the court, while the baseline features the snowflake basketball logo flanked by "UTAH JAZZ" lettering in a western motif.

Take a look at the court in the video embedded below.