Tyler, the Creator has been known for being fairly provocative on Twitter and sometimes, his tweets can get people upset. Perhaps the best example of this is when he had snowflakes up in arms over his controversial opinion on cyber-bullying. Tyler's latest Twitter rant came at the expense of Moreno Valley and its residents. As the IGOR rapper explained, he was happy that his mom stayed in Los Angeles while he was a child because had they moved to Moreno Valley, he "would've sucked."

Moreno Valley rapper Fze took exception to this Tweet and immediately went in the booth where he wrote a diss track centered at Tyler. What's interesting about this track is that it's framed a letter to Tyler's mom, who ultimately made the decision not to move to Moreno Valley.

“Mama it ain’t beef/I spoke my piece/And I’m just protecting the streets of Moreno Valley/So he don’t got to hide in the house/Next time he typin’ or talkin’ keep the city out his mouth," Fze raps. You can listen to the full track below.

Tyler has yet to respond to the song although we doubt he will. He's never really been one to engage in beef and at the end of the day, his tweet wasn't meant to be taken that seriously.