Kanye West has certainly praised Tyler, The Creator over the years, but it has never been clear how much they actually communicate. Yeezy called "Yonkers" the video of the year in 2011, and displayed his recent "IFHY" visual on the front page of his site. With some recent rumors circulating that Tyler would be appearing on Ye's upcoming Yeezus project, the rapper took to his very active Fromspring account to answer some questions on the matter.

While Tyler's latest response to the rumors saw him outright denying any contribution to the album, an earlier entry readim prolly on there but in ways you cant tell." Whether this means that he simply influenced the album, or his parts have been characteristically buried in the mix, it seems we won't be hearing too much of Wolf Haley on Yeezus.

The "Domo 23" rapper revealed that a Kanye collaboration was certainly not out of the question, explaining that Ye wanted to hop on his track "IFHY". "he wanted to be on IFHY too! but i was like, nah hahaha." Tyler then spoke of how the two actually have a pretty close relationship, communicating frequently. "ye is soo awesome, i talk to him almost everyday it seems like. its cool to have someone you can level with about art and everything else."

Tyler also said he had heard some of the album in an exclusive Lamborghini session."he played me new slaves and black skinhead months ago when he picked me up in his lambo. thats sooo tight to type out haha, damn i came far haha"

Does this mean Yeezy still exclusively listens to rap in his car because his house is too nice?

Check out the "IFHY" video below.