According to Hip Hop DX, Tyga was blasted by his fans for not showing up to a San Diego gig this past Friday. According to the news outlet, Tyga was set to perform at the Omnia Nightclub on Friday night, a planned event for which several fans paid for and were looking forward to. Unfortunately, they were given a DJ and a lack of Tyga. Furthermore, TMZ reports the crowd was quickly angered once they realized T-Raww was not showing up. Reports of the crowd shoving, pushing can be seen on the video shared by the news outlet. Moreover, eyewitnesses added that "bottles and glasses were thrown on stage."

As of now, we are not certain why Tyga did not show up, but fans reportedly paid $70 to $100 dollars to get a ticket. To add insult to injury, the promoters shared with the ticket buyers that "nothing could be done" and that no refunds would be given. Hence, we can understand the resulting reaction. And to respond to it all, Tyga offered a mere apology via his social media, without providing an explanation as to why he missed out on the show. "Sorry I couldn’t make it to @omniasandiego. See y’all next time SD."